Who we are

StellantPartners was founded in 2005 by Sascha Hausmann, Lars Hahn and Jo Allen after having collected several years of experience in various industry sectors like health-care, telecom, internet travel technology, hospitality and wholesale.

Our primary objective on starting the company was based on the experience of how entrepreneurs of small to medium size companies were not appropriately consulted for by the traditional main stream consultancy agencies around the globe that primarily provided services to larger mid-size and large companies.

We created StellantPartners to close the gap and provide high quality advice to entrepreneurs of small and medium sized companies who are in the areas of offline and online travel, hospitality and travel technology solutions.  The aim is to offer a wide range of services from strategic and operational consultancy to advice on mergers, acquisitions and disposals all aimed to best support the needs of young and small to midsize companies.

We also provide business model review and due diligence services to venture capitalists and potential acquirers, interim management for businesses seeking fast growth and help set up early stage/start up funds for investors.

We are rather unique in the way we work.  Whether working on a consultancy project or an M&A assignment, we believe that it is important to enjoy the project. We will therefore only work with those companies where we have a strong belief in the future of the business and where we can work in an optimal way with the team.  In return, our customers will always be served by a senior partner.

If you are passionate about your business and would like to talk to us then please contact us at mail@stellantpartners.com.

Our Mission

StellantPartners is the pre-eminent provider of consultancy and advisory services to small and medium-sized companies in various industry sectors, including internet, travel and leisure.

We understand the financial and operational issues small and medium-sized companies are facing in today’s markets. With our hands-on approach detailed understanding of the relevant markets we are able to help you understand, evaluate and overcome those challenges.  

StellantPartners ensures that customers have access to relevant resources and services required to optimally achieve company goals.