Our Services

StellantPartners provides a wide variety of services to the internet, travel, leisure and hospitality industries. These services include:



Strategic consultancy:  Many companies are facing a number of options regarding their next steps and how to achieve anticipated corporate growth. StellantPartners is able to provide useful insight into ways of optimising the value of the company, identifying the best opportunities for the business and/or considering alternatives for reducing costs and improving efficiency if possible.


Interim Management:  StellantPartners provides interim management services for companies that have short term management challenges or need a specific growth expertise for a period of time. This service includes helping to identify how management should be structured as well as helping to select the right candidate after set objectives are achieved.


Restructuring:  Many companies in the industries we support have financially related issues often resulting from past activities. Where possible, StellantPartners provides consulting services on how to effectively restructure the organisation in order to secure future trading. This service may include interim-management, lay-off planning, debt negotiation as well as cost optimization.


Wind-downs: Stellant offers a full outsourcing service for any company that is seeking to wind-down an entity, an office or a division. This can include the closure of offices and companies, handling any redundancy procedures, sale of furniture and other assets and negotiating with creditors


Due Diligence:  Often companies require help with due diligence services during planned acquisitions. Stellant is able to offer the expertise required to perform detailed commercial, structural and strategic due diligence reviews.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Disposal advisory: Selling a company is a complicated and time-consuming task for many owners. Stellant has significant experience in managing the sales process, understanding the problems that owners face who are trying to sell their businesses at the same time as continuing their commercial operations. Having an understanding of the market, the potential buyers, valuation and negotiation tactics, Stellant is able to take on most of the work, leaving the owners to continue to run their businesses.


Acquisition advisory: Often companies decide that they would like to expand through acquisition. Stellant is able to utilise its knowledge of the industry and the players to assist in locating and negotiating with possible targets all the way from the original contact to the conclusion of a transaction.


Fund raising: StellantPartners can assist companies at all stages of development in raising funds from the venture capital market, strategic investors and angel investors


Outsourced M&A: Having an internal corporate finance resource can be very expensive for many small and medium sized enterprises. Stellant offers an outsourced service which unlike the service provided by the investment banks can be acquired on an hourly basis


Valuations: Stellant can provide a valuation of an entire business, a product range or a division. Valuations can be for internal purposes (eg the sale of one shareholder's shares to another shareholder) or for external purposes (eg to benchmark an offer that has been received).


Fund Services

We have significant experience in setting up and running start-up and early stage investment funds. For existing or new funds we can also provide administration services, reporting and due diligence on new investments.