Channel management specialist further expands portfolio to help small hoteliers sell rooms online

eRevMax Group Acquires Simple Distribution from Rate Reports

Today, eRevMax, owner of RateTiger – award-winning hotel internet channel management specialist – announces the acquisition of Simple Distribution from Egyptian based Rate Reports, an online channel management company.

For the past three years the web-based application has been providing smaller hotels with benchmarking, channel management and booking engine functionalities primarily for the Asian and African markets. eRevMax now plans to expand the reach of the distribution management product - Simple Distribution – into Europe and America tailored to small, independent hotels with 40 rooms or less starting from €750/$900 per year.


The Simple Distribution solutions will remain independent and will supplement eRevMax’s current RateTiger product offering. As internet sales of hotel rooms has significantly increased in the last five years, smaller hoteliers will now need to make themselves familiar with the opportunities available online. Simple Distribution offers such businesses an affordable and easy-to-use solution to manage internet channels efficiently by allowing central management of rates and rooms available online.


“Consumers have embraced the internet to make their travel arrangements online. We are dedicated to ensure that hoteliers globally have access to technology that enables them to save time and enhance sales. With the acquisition of Simple Distribution we are now in a position to offer our services to a larger customer base in existing and emerging markets,” said Reuel Ghosh, eRevMax Co-Founder and CEO. “We have worked with Rate Reports since 2005 and have seen their continuous commitment to providing leading edge software for smaller hotels. The application has clearly proven to be a beneficial application to smaller accommodation providers.“


“Recently, smaller hotels have seen some of the larger, established hotel brands opening properties in their local areas, which the chains traditionally considered secondary and tertiary locations,” said Sascha Hausmann, COO – RateTiger. “It is therefore important for smaller independent hotels to be aware of the tools available that help them manage their own rates and availability much more efficiently. We will see even more hoteliers becoming proactive with online channel management during 2009 and 2010 and we now provide the necessary tool set for all hotels types to stay ahead of the game.”


Family-owned hotels, local B&Bs and smaller, unbranded hotels need to ensure that they are able to take advantage of the multitude of online distribution channels available in order to stay competitive.

Booking engine and benchmarking solutions will not be offered in Europe and the US initially but will follow later this year. The deal terms have not been made public.

eRevMax Group Acquires Simple Distribution from Rate Reports
  • 27/05/2009 12:28 pm
  • Channel management specialist further expands portfolio to help small hoteliers sell rooms online