Rate Tiger has been officially endorsed by the Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA), the German Association of Hoteliers, as the leading online distribution and channel management software suite.

Rate Tiger’s international expansion and strong relationships with online distribution channels made it the natural partner for the Hotelverband Deutschland.

The Hotelverband Deutschland chose Rate Tiger for its quality, flexibility, ease of use and stability, allowing hoteliers to manage room rates and inventory through numerous online distribution channels more efficiently.

Germany’s leading representative body for the hospitality industry has also been impressed by Rate Tiger’s move to offer affordable products that are manageable for small hotels in the form of RT Shopper Lite and RT Allocator Lite.

“Rate Tiger’s innovative product suites have proven to bring substantial rewards for many of our members,” says Markus Luthe, CEO of Hotelverband Deutschland. “We work to educate and inform our members on developments across the industries and managing inventory on the internet is proving to be the biggest challenge for them. Online distribution channels can take up a lot of time and need to be managed with time-efficiency in mind.”

“It’s an honour that the national body of hoteliers in Germany has chosen Rate Tiger as the product to help assist and manage their online channels,” says Sascha Hausmann, Chief Operating Officer. “This will make our presence in Europe much stronger and we hope it will contribute to understanding our customers and the challenges they face marketing their portfolio online better.”

As part of this endorsement, all members of the German Association of Hoteliers will receive an affiliate discount on all RT products, including the new versions of RT Shopper and RT Allocator Lite and Pro.

This is yet another step in Rate Tiger’s continuing expansion strategy in Europe over the next 12 months.





RTShopper Lite


RTShopper Pro


RTAllocator Lite


RTAllocator Pro



About Rate Tiger

Rate Tiger has been a leader in Online Distribution Management tools since 2001 and continues to pioneer new technologies for the hospitality industry. Rate Tiger, by eRevMax, now operates in 60 countries and 415 cities across the world and has become the industry-wide benchmark for managing online distribution. The RateTiger product portfolio enables hoteliers to switch from a time-consuming and complicated multi-channel process to a single point of entry to the market, hence allowing for easy update of distribution channels and travel portals, and rate comparison with competitors, in real-time.

Rate Tiger is headquartered in the US, with a second office in London (UK) and a technical development centre in India. eRevMax employs over 120 people across the globe. Rate Tiger is rapidly expanding across the European and American markets. For more information please visit

About The Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA)

The German Hotel Association (IHA) is the lobbying organisation for the economic, social and professional interests of the German hotel industry on a national and international scale. IHA accounts to more than 1,000 members - ranging from luxury hotels to two star establishments – and is directly representing nearly 50% of total hotel turn-over in Germany. In 2001, IHA took over by appointment the tasks of the hotel section of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Bundesverband). Since then IHA is in the position to represent the almost 40,000 German hotels as an entity in the name of both, DEHOGA and IHA.

IHA is headquartered, together with DEHOGA, close to the central Parliament location in Berlin with a second office in former German capital, Bonn. Service and consulting activities lie mainly with IHA’s commercial subsidiary ‘IHA-Service GmbH’ situated in Bonn. For more information please visit

  • 26/09/2007 12:35 pm
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