Rate Tiger, a leader in online distribution and revenue management technology solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today the opening of its EMEA headquarters in London, UK. The office will report to Rate Tiger’s global corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA.

The company, specialising in tools to support hoteliers managing their rates and inventory distribution across online networks, is expanding internationally with a focus on the EMEA region.

StellantPartners GmbH, a provider of consultancy and advisory services to small and medium-sized companies in the online, travel, leisure and hospitality industries, has been engaged to oversee and manage Rate Tiger’s expansion into the EMEA region.

The StellantPartners GmbH team will advise and administer the international operations and relationships for Rate Tiger’s growth. Sascha Hausmann has been appointed to provide consultancy as Chief Operations Officer alongside his business partners; Jo Allen is appointed executive Vice President of Corporate Development to be Rate Tiger’s primary adviser on corporate finance activities and Lars Hahn as Chief Finance Officer, providing consultancy for commercial expansion. Collectively, the team has experience in establishing offices in European countries with significant knowledge of internet travel communities.

This appointment is the first step of Rate Tiger’s expansion into the wider global hospitality market and provides a foundation for the company’s international business strategy. Sascha Hausmann will represent StellantPartners GmbH as an active member on Rate Tiger’s Board of Directors.

The organisation is restructuring its market management division in order to enhance its portfolio by engaging directly with online travel agents, hospitality technology providers and hoteliers.

Rate Tiger’s products, which have been available since 2001, have already demonstrated their popularity in Spain, the UK and Holland - with its largest city customer-base in London.

The company performs an average 100,000 online updates per day, with over 26 million updates annually for its international customer-base.

“With the immense growth of hotels being sold online, hoteliers are having difficulty keeping up, and managing their rates effectively. With evolving online medias, it’s important for our customers to maintain the competitive edge in the hospitality industry,” said Andrew Morsi, founder. “Hotels can make better decisions on room rates and allocation by understanding customers’ buying behaviour and by monitoring their inventory availability in online channels.”

“It is exciting to be joining Rate Tiger at such an important point in its corporate and technical evolution,” stated Sascha Hausmann. “Rate Tiger has made significant progress internationally over the past six years and I am looking forward to engaging in the next step of international growth, to support the hospitality industry for competitive gains in revenue and distribution management and intelligence.”

Rate Tiger Products:
■RT Shopper
■RT Allocator
■RT Channel Manager

About Rate Tiger

Rate Tiger has been a leader in Online Distribution Management tools since 2001 and continues to pioneer new technologies for the hospitality industry. Rate Tiger, by eRevMax, now operates in 60 countries and 415 cities across the world and has become the industry-wide benchmark for managing online distribution. The RateTiger product portfolio enables hoteliers to switch from a time-consuming and complicated multi-channel process to a single point of entry to the market, hence allowing for easy update of distribution channels and travel portals, and rate comparison with competitors, in real-time.

Rate Tiger is headquartered in the US, with a second office in London (UK) and a technical development centre in India. eRevMax employs over 120 people across the globe. Rate Tiger is rapidly expanding across the European and American markets. For more information please visit http://www.ratetiger.com.

About StellantPartners

StellantPartners GmbH was formed by Sascha Hausmann and Jo Allen and focuses on providing M&A and strategic consultancy services to companies involved in the travel, internet and hospitality markets. These industries are currently facing many challenges and opportunities, made more complicated by the speed at which new entrants and products enter the market. StellantPartners has a broad and deep understanding of these markets and the dynamics underlying them and is able to capitalise on this knowledge when providing M&A and strategic advice.

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  • 05/07/2007 12:37 pm