Global hotel chain installs RTConnect to enhance distribution across sales channels

RateTiger's Channel Management Technology has been selected by Accor

Europe's leading hotel chain Accor Hospitality and RateTiger, global hospitality software specialist, have successfully launched a two-way XML connection between Accor's in-house Central Reservation System (TARS) and RateTiger's integration gateway, RTConnect for access to a large number of sales channels.

With more than 4,200 hotels across 90 countries, Accor is one of the most advanced hotel chains in terms of connectivity and proposes a wide range of connectivity solutions including direct connects with GDSs and major OTAs. While Accor already offered a full packaged solution for connectivity via XML web services, it was also necessary to develop an alternative solution for local distributors. A key requirement for the integration project includes the central reporting of reservations and delivering booking data back into TARS. In addition RateTiger helps Accor properties maintain descriptive content by automatically updating all connected sites with requested information.

Hotel chains and technology companies can integrate RTConnect into existing CRS, PMS or RMS to interface directly with IDS channels, that will provide quick and efficient rate, inventory, content and reservation updates. With RateTiger's ability to connect any sales channel, large or small, hotel chains gain access to channels centrally that would otherwise be dealt with by hotels locally and manually.

"To remain competitive we have to ensure our rates are accurate across all web channels and inventory allocation is up-to-date. While we have created connections to our primary channels, it has been necessary to explore ways to connect with secondary and regional channels to help our properties manage sales. RTConnect interacts directly with our CRS and provides quality ARI and reservation delivery services," said Christine Davaine, Vice President Connectivity Solutions. "The bi-directional connection will reduce workload to a greater extent and consolidate reservation reporting while ensuring more frequent and strategic updates. This will help Accor with competitive and continual selling across multiple OTAs."

"We are very excited to welcome Accor as a new customer," said Sascha Hausmann, CEO, eRevMax (owner of RateTiger). "We are helping both hotel businesses and technology companies to more efficiently interact with distribution channels. Our two-way XML interface gives hotels access to over 600 channels both for local and global markets."

RTConnect can provide rate shopping data, update inventory and rates, retrieve reservation information, automate distribution and help manage guest review websites.

RateTiger's Channel Management Technology has been selected by Accor
  • 15/03/2011 01:24 pm
  • Global hotel chain installs RTConnect to enhance distribution across sales channels